Revista presei internaționale pro-viață și pro-familie din 28 iunie

Told that her son would never survive after he was diagnosed with Trisomy 18, Marta Johnson McClanahan couldn’t hold back her joy at the fact that her baby boy just turned 18. She turned to Facebook to share her excitement in an emotional post. LiveAction, 27 iunie

People with Down syndrome continue to be discriminated against, especially in the womb, as targets for abortion. While many are working to change that, abortion advocates fight to allow eugenic abortions to continue. LiveAction, 26 iunie

Roland Warren, Presient and CEO of Care Net, a pro-life nonprofit organization that supports a national pregnancy center network and runs a crisis pregnancy call center, responded to comments made by Sen. Kristen Gillibrand last week in which she equated being pro-life with being racist. LiveAction, 28 iunie

Katie Prejean McGrady, a Catholic speaker, writer, and podcast host, was sitting on a flight last summer next to a businesswoman. LiveAction, 28 iunie

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Burrell Lankford knows a thing or two about babies. That’s because the 77-year-old has fostered 173 newborns in his lifetime. Together with his wife Leanna, who passed away five years ago, the Austin, Texas, man fostered for a total of 36 years. LiveAction, 28 iunie

An Alabama mother was indicted by a grand jury on manslaughter charges Wednesday after allegedly starting a fight that led to her getting shot and having a miscarriage. LifeNews, 28 iunie

Forget the lake, this summer I am taking my sons to D.C. for Pro-life Youth Summer Camp. LifeNews, 28 iunie

A viral video has turned a young man from Turkey into a hero after he was seen catching a two-year-old baby girl as she fell from a second-story window. LifeNews, 27 iunie

Fifty years ago gay, lesbians and cross-dressers fought back when police raided a seedy bar in New York, the Stonewall Inn. MercatorNet, 28 iunie

Kamala Devi Harris has served since 2017 as the junior U.S. senator from California, serving alongside Dianne Feinstein. DailyWire, 28 iunie

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