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Buletin pro-viață 5 noiembrie – Alegeri în SUA

According to Austin Ruse, an international expert on life and family affairs, UN lobbyist, and director of C-Fam, no administration has done more for the pro-life cause on the international stage than the Trump Administration. LifeSiteNews, 4 noiembrie

As the votes continued to be tallied on Wednesday following Election Day, at least 13 races were called in favor of new pro-life women Representatives in Congress. LiveAction, 5 noiembrie

With the contest between Joe Biden and Donald Trump being cast as a battle for the soul of the nation, apocalyptic predictions come easily. MercatorNet, 5 noiembrie

It’s everyone’s nightmare scenario: an electoral stalemate; two men all but claiming the presidency; and a likely legal battle that may extend into December. MercatorNet, 5 noiembrie

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Throughout the 2020 campaign, polls suggested that whatever the outcome, significant parts of the US would see their new leader as illegitimate. Mercatornet, 5 noiembrie

Mary Eberstadt felt vindicated by last night’s 2020 presidential election results. Why? She has been saying for years that, “The sexual revolution is now having system-wide political consequences.” LifeSiteNews, 4 noiembrie

As devout Christians and faithful citizens of the United States of America, you have intense and heartfelt concern for the fate of your beloved country while the final results of the Presidential election are still uncertain. LifeSiteNews, 4 noiembrie

Conservatives have every reason to be optimistic about the outcome of this election. As we await the results, America needs a secure, transparent, and peaceful vote-counting process. The Heritage Foundation, 5 noiembrie

The Alabama city of Prattville made a bold statement for life Tuesday when its city council passed a resolution declaring it to be “a safe city for pre-born children.” LifeNews, 5 noiembrie

On Tuesday night, the American people spoke. They spoke with millions upon millions of voices to produce the greatest presidential election voter turnout in over a century. And they sent a variety of messages, most of them quite positive. FoxNews, 4 noiembrie

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DISCLAIMER: condamnă instigarea la ură şi violenţă. Dar, după cum confirmă şi CEDO în cazul Handyside vs. UK (para 49), consideră că dezbaterea onestă şi libertatea de exprimare pe subiecte de interes public – printre care se numără şi avortul sau atracţia pentru persoane de acelaşi sex – trebuie să aibă loc în mod democratic, fără a fi cenzurate de ameninţarea că vor fi interpretate ca „discurs al urii”.

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