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Revista presei internaționale pro-viață și pro-familie din 4 iunie

Last Friday, Donald Trump became the first Republican president in American history to acknowledge LGBT Pride Month. FoxNews, 4 iunie

The Democrats, already facing an intra-party war over the role of socialism in their party platform, are about to face another unity-destroying situation over the coming purge of pro-life Democrats from within the party’s ranks. DailyWare, 4 iunie

June has been declared „Pride Month,” and we’re supposed to celebrate those „coming out” and living a „gay” life. LifeSiteNews, 4 iunie

The International Planned Parenthood Federation, one of the world’s largest abortion providers, oversaw the hiring of prostitutes for staff, donors and guests attending official functions, according to explosive allegations reported in the Daily Mail. LifeNews, 4 iunie

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A pro-life female doctor refuted abortion activists’ fear mongering Monday about the pro-life laws being passed in states across America. LifeNews, 3 iunie

For a long time, the prevailing assumption in the social sciences has been that married people, husbands and wives alike, are happier than their unmarried peers. MercatorNet, 4 iunie

teenage mother in Tennessee is proving that with the right support, a woman can have a baby and accomplish her goals, too. LiveAction, 4 iunie

I don’t know about you, but I often use the data brought to my attention by the SPL blog post “More evidence that most late-term abortions are elective.” A lot. LiveAction, 3 iunie

A preborn baby is beautiful and fascinating, and technology is revealing the development of this tiny human person growing in his mother’s womb. LiveAction, 3 iunie

OB-GYN Robert Snyder was on vacation in Hawaii, just hiking to the top of an inactive volcano, when he received a text message informing him that a client had delivered her baby. PregnancyHelpNews, 3 iunie

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DISCLAIMER: condamnă instigarea la ură şi violenţă. Dar, după cum confirmă şi CEDO în cazul Handyside vs. UK (para 49), consideră că dezbaterea onestă şi libertatea de exprimare pe subiecte de interes public – printre care se numără şi avortul sau atracţia pentru persoane de acelaşi sex – trebuie să aibă loc în mod democratic, fără a fi cenzurate de ameninţarea că vor fi interpretate ca „discurs al urii”.

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