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Revista presei internaționale pro-viață și pro-familie din 4 ianuarie

Democrats wasted no time asserting their priorities upon taking over the U.S. House of Representatives this week, proposing legislation to fund the federal government which would at the same time reverse one of President Donald Trump’s earliest pro-life accomplishments. LifeSiteNews, 3 ianuarie

Nancy Pelosi has a long history of promoting abortion and she will continue to push a pro-abortion agenda as the incoming Speaker of the House. LifeNews, 3 ianuarie

The pro-abortion group NARAL is attacking two women leaders who are slated to join one of the most powerful committees in the U.S. Senate. LifeNews, 3 decembrie

House Democrats have quietly inserted language repealing pro-life policies and expanding funding for organizations that promote or commit abortions in a bill intended to end the government shutdown. According to the Washington Examiner, the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2019would end a provision requiring foreign NGOs to guarantee that they will not “perform or actively promote abortion as a method of family planning.” The bill would also codify a $5 million increase to the United Nations Population Fund (from $32.5M to $37.5M), which has been accused in the past of coercive abortion and sterilization and lends support to China’s restrictive child policies.  LiveActionNews, 3 ianuarie

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Two pro-life female senators have been appointed to become the first Republican women to serve on the Senate Judiciary Committee when Congress reconvenes this week, according to POLITICO. The appointments of Senator Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee and Senator Joni Ernst of Iowa may help to quiet criticism that all GOP members on the committee previously have been men. The committee is responsible for judicial appointees, including those for the Supreme Court. The Judiciary Committee has had a Republican majority in recent years and as a result, has voted to confirm pro-life judges. LiveActionNews, 3 ianuarie

A Princeton law professor recently criticized a United Nations document that calls the killing of innocent human beings a “human right.” LifeNews, 3 ianuarie

Justin Trudeau’s condescending correction of a young woman who made the mistake of using the word “mankind” last year — “We like to say peoplekind, not necessarily mankind” — induced a global gale of laughter that transformed the suave anti-populist into a politically correct joke. Considering a few recent headlines, however, it appears that Justin’s insufferable linguistic smugness might become a trendy thing for the elites. LifeSiteNews, 3 ianuarie

North Carolina Democrat Governor Roy Cooper attended a fundraiser hosted by a transgender rights activist who is a registered sex offender last month. LifeSiteNews, 3 ianuarie

Just before Christmas, pro-life advocates were arrested for entering the Trenton, New Jersey Planned Parenthood and distributing red roses to abortion-vulnerable women. They saved at least one life during this Red Rose Rescue (RRR). LifeSiteNews, 3 ianuarie

On December 28, an editorial in The New York Times broached an eight-part series on abortion rights that is positively astonishing. It is clearly the most rabid defense of abortion ever published by the mainstream media. The first installment was published on December 30; it will end on January 20. The entire series is now available online. LifeNews, 3 ianuarie

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DISCLAIMER: condamnă instigarea la ură şi violenţă. Dar, după cum confirmă şi CEDO în cazul Handyside vs. UK (para 49), consideră că dezbaterea onestă şi libertatea de exprimare pe subiecte de interes public – printre care se numără şi avortul sau atracţia pentru persoane de acelaşi sex – trebuie să aibă loc în mod democratic, fără a fi cenzurate de ameninţarea că vor fi interpretate ca „discurs al urii”.

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