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Revista presei internaționale pro-viață și pro-familie din 21 august

„Illustrating the age-old axiom that actions speak louder than words, „Unplanned” actress Ashley Bratcher has partnered with Heartbeat International to create an educational scholarship for mothers facing unplanned pregnancies, reports LifeSiteNews. 20 august, DailyWire

Today alongside John & Lisa Bevere, Messenger International announced the release of a new short film titled „The Love You’re Looking For” with hopes of reaching a broad audience with the message of love. PregnancyHelpNews, 19 august

Greek Orthodox Archbishop Makarios addressed a 10,000-strong crowd that braved the Sydney winds on Tuesday at the ‘Stand For Life’ protest at Martin Place in opposition to the proposed bill to decriminalise abortion, currently before New South Wales Parliament. Earlier in the day, a pro-choice rally had taken place. Neokosmos, 21 august

Last year, I spoke on the issue of abortion at Calvary Chapel in Chino Hills, California. DailyWire, 20 august

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In case you missed it, Live Action’s newest series, “Pro-Life Replies to Pro-Abortion Arguments” has been changing hearts and minds since its launch in mid-May, with the first 1o videos garnering more than 15 million total views. LiveAction, 21 august

Ok. I realize that listing only five points eliminates thousands of other really good reasons, they serve as powerful reminders. LifeNews, 20 august

One of Pennsylvania’s own will soon be gracing the big screen at Times Square in New York. LifeNews, 20 august

Most pro-abortion activists deny that women suffer emotionally after abortion. Pro-choicers claim “post-abortion syndrome” is a myth and that most women feel only relief. LiveAction, 21 august

Despite their public statements to the contrary, Planned Parenthood did not turn down $60M in Title X federal funds because a new “gag rule” is against their freedom of speech (the new federal “Protect Life Rule” prohibits Title X recipients from referring for abortion).  PregnancyHelpNews, 21 august

I was at my doctor’s office when the subject of my work as a freelance writer came up — which led to my mentioning Save the Storks.  Save the Storks, 19 august

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DISCLAIMER: condamnă instigarea la ură şi violenţă. Dar, după cum confirmă şi CEDO în cazul Handyside vs. UK (para 49), consideră că dezbaterea onestă şi libertatea de exprimare pe subiecte de interes public – printre care se numără şi avortul sau atracţia pentru persoane de acelaşi sex – trebuie să aibă loc în mod democratic, fără a fi cenzurate de ameninţarea că vor fi interpretate ca „discurs al urii”.

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