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Revista presei internaționale pro-viață și pro-familie din 19 decembrie

  Asia Bibi’s Christmas will be in a ‘closed room’: British spokesman

Asia Bibi will still be in protective custody in Pakistan over Christmas, her British spokesman has said. LifeSiteNews, 18 decembrie

  Michael Buble joins Down syndrome kids for heartwarming rendition of ‘All I Want for Christmas’

A viral video of children with Down syndrome singing a Christmas classic is making the rounds and raising appreciation for their intrinsic value, this time with some surprise star power behind it. LifeSiteNews, 18 decembrie

  ‘Unplanned’ star shocked by mother’s revelation: ‘I was going to abort you’

In a column released by Fox News on Saturday morning, actress Ashley Bratcher, who plays Abby Johnson in the biopic drama Unplanned, revealed that she learned something startling about her own past after she signed onto the production. LiveAction, 19 decembrie

 Abortion Activist Oprah Winfrey Helped Career of Man Who Allegedly Raped 300 Women

America’s therapist, fairy godmother and progressive fantasy candidate Oprah Winfrey might deserve a round of second looks when it comes to the quality of emotional schlock she has sold and promoted to millions of women. It seems that while she was doing public relations work on behalf of Brazilian “faith healer” “John of God,” he was collecting hundreds of rape accusations. LifeNews, 19 decembrie

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  19 States Ask Supreme Court to Uphold Ban on Abortions on Babies With Down Syndrome

Nineteen states came together this fall to urge the U.S. Supreme Court to protect the lives of the unborn from discrimination. LifeNews, 19 decembrie

  Former Employees Expose Planned Parenthood: “Everything They Did Was Money-Motivated”

Several employees of a Nashville Planned Parenthood voiced concerns this week that the abortion facility put money ahead of patients’ well-being. LifeNews, 19 decembrie

  Woody Allen’s alleged former lover claims affair started when she was 16

A former model says she was 16 when she started sleeping with Woody Allen, and later had threesomes with the Hollywood filmmaker and Mia Farrow. FoxNews, 18 decembrie

  Scottish Parliament rebrands gingerbread men as gender neutral and now calls them ‘gingerbread persons’

Members of the Scottish Parliament must have overindulged at this year’s Christmas party after deciding to change the name of gingerbread men to a gingerbread person in their on-sight cafe so they didn’t cause offence. Voice of Europe, 17 decembrie

  Study: Men perceive polygamy as less troublesome than women

Men tend to perceive both polygyny — in which a man has more than one wife — and polyandry — in which a woman has more than one husband — as less troublesome than women, according to new research published in the journal Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences. Psy Post, 16 decembrie

  Family: Man left woman to die on freeway during first date

It started out as a mystery — how did a Fort Lauderdale waitress wind up lying on a suburban freeway before dawn last weekend, getting fatally struck by numerous passing cars? FoxNews, 19 decembrie


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DISCLAIMER: condamnă instigarea la ură şi violenţă. Dar, după cum confirmă şi CEDO în cazul Handyside vs. UK (para 49), consideră că dezbaterea onestă şi libertatea de exprimare pe subiecte de interes public – printre care se numără şi avortul sau atracţia pentru persoane de acelaşi sex – trebuie să aibă loc în mod democratic, fără a fi cenzurate de ameninţarea că vor fi interpretate ca „discurs al urii”.

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