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Revista presei internaționale pro-viață și pro-familie din 15 decembrie

Imagini pentru President Trump Names Pro-Life Mick Mulvaney Chief of Staff, He Voted to Defund Planned Parenthood  President Trump Names Pro-Life Mick Mulvaney Chief of Staff, He Voted to Defund Planned Parenthood

President-elect Donald Trump picked another pro-life leader to join his administration today, choosing pro-life Mick Mulvaney as his new Chief of Staff. LifeNews, 14 decembrie

Imagini pentru Planned Parenthood Tells Activists to Make Christmas Donations for Abortion in Mike Pence’s Name  Planned Parenthood Tells Activists to Make Christmas Donations for Abortion in Mike Pence’s Name

The abortion giant Planned Parenthood just loves to poke fun at pro-life Vice President Mike Pence. LifeNews, 14 decembrie

Live Action  Live Action’s Top Ten of 2018: Making a pro-life impact on the culture

In 2003, when she was just 15, Lila Rose founded Live Action to expose the reality of what abortion is, what it does to preborn children, and how it harms women. LiveAction, 14 decembrie

Imagini pentru NIH Chief Defends Research With Aborted Baby Parts: “It’s “Highly Justified”  NIH Chief Defends Research With Aborted Baby Parts: “It’s “Highly Justified”

The National Institutes of Health chief contradicted a leading scientist who told Congress Thursday that aborted baby body parts are not necessary for scientific advances. LifeNews, 14 decembrie

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  “Shout Your Abortion” Campaign Gains Steam as More Women Brag About Aborting Their Babies

A project where women brag about aborting their unborn babies is gaining momentum once again with publicity surrounding its new book, “Shout Your Abortion.” LifeNews, 14 decembrie

Featured Image  UK to ban ads featuring traditional male and female roles

Advertisements that depict traditional gender roles or play off common “battle of the sexes” tropes are set to be banned in the United Kingdom next year. The UK’s Committees of Advertising Practice (CAP) claims that such “gender stereotypes” carry “harmful consequences” for individuals and society alike. LifeSiteNews, 14 decembrie

Featured Image  Kentucky bill would make it a felony for doctors to abort babies with beating hearts

Yet another state is introducing legislation to ban the vast majority of abortions, as a pro-life lawmaker in Kentucky has introduced a heartbeat bill before the end of the year. LifeSiteNews, 14 decembrie

Featured Image  Kids from ‘right-wing’ families must be re-educated: German govt.-backed brochure

The German Federal Ministry for Family Affairs has supported a brochure that aims at changing the behavior of preschool-aged children who are raised by what the brochure’s authors call “right-wing” parents who oppose “gender” theory, “sexual diversity,” the “sexualization” of children, and “immigration.” LifeSiteNews, 14 decembrie

Tim Tebow and Chelsie Watts embraced during her weekend wish with the outspoke Christian athlete.  Tim Tebow remembers final moments of ‘hero’ Chelsie Watts’ life: „God’s got this”

Tim Tebow had a special bond with Chelsie Watts, and although she died almost four years ago, her legacy continues to impact others. FoxNews, 15 decembrie

Maison Hullibarger died earlier this month.  Parents say priest told mourners that son may be kept out of heaven over suicide: report

A Catholic priest in Michigan is facing criticism after he presided over the funeral of an 18-year-old who killed himself earlier this month and told mourners at the service that the teen may be kept out of heaven due to the way he died, reports said. FoxNews, 15 decembrie

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